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BHM Goodness 2020   #bhmg2020

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Black History Month 2020

BHM Goodness 

What better way to honor the accomplishments and sacrifices of those who committed their lives to the advancement of civil rights and equality for all races than by living a life of goodness. BHM Goodness is an opportunity to participate in a month long movement to complete simple acts of goodness each day in February 2020.

By participating in BHM Goodness over the 29 days, you'll experience a profound and positive shift in the the quality of each day. You'll also have an opportunity to read their inspiring words and learn more about the achievements of some of our heroes and heroines.

Research has proven the power of consistent acts of goodness to fight depression and the symptoms of hypertension, heart disease and other illnesses. Goodness is an antidote to stress.

We recommend inviting friends and family to take the actions with you as a way of strengthening our communities.

You Had Me at Goodness

Black History Month (BHM) Goodness - February 2020

What better way to celebrate the sacrifices and accomplishments of our heroes and heroines than by living a good life today.

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